My Keepon hits the States!



"When you see it rocking out, you can't help but love it"

Bloomberg Businessweek

"Not only do we anticipate that My Keepon will top kids' wish lists this holiday season, but we expect that it will appear on many grown-ups' wish lists, too."


My Keepon on FOX, CBS and ABC!


"This adorable little guy responds to sound and motion, and kids just melted when they saw it react to them and dance to music. Our testers liked that it was squishy and cute. “Interacting was fun!” a tester said."

The Washington Post

"My Keepon, a round-eyed robot that looks like two oranges fused together, coos when touched on the head and bobs and twists rhythmically to music."

The Wall Street Journal

"With stock of the innovative robot selling out fast in the USA there is likely to be a last minute rush as parents desperately try to get their hands on the yellow character in the UK."