Wow! Stuff Demonstrates Record Win at Hamleys!



Wow! Stuff proved their in-store ‘Brought to Life’ strategy is paying dividends for world famous toy store Hamleys with their 2nd year in a row win as ‘Top Preforming Demonstration Partner’.

Specialising in producing bespoke in-store video infomercials and an academy that ‘Turns demonstrators into Demonstration Artists’ has proven a key competence of Wow! Stuff. 2016 was a record performing year for the company with a stunning record sales per square foot resulting in one product alone achieving over 1m in sales in 1 year in 1 store, (‘1-1-1 Win’ as Wow! Stuff refers to it).

“We are passionate about driving higher sales per square foot for our retail partners and Hamleys is the embodiment of theatrical and experiential shopping. Yes it’s the most competitive arena for demonstration and in-store videos but if you can cut it at Hamleys you are considered the cream of the demonstration crop. To win this award is perhaps the most thrilling for our company because it proves we are aligned on strategy and execution. Our mission is ‘Great Brands Brought to Life!’ and our new tier 1 brands in Star Wars, Minions/DM3 and innovation in product is a perfect concoction to have a ‘Brought to Life’ sales record in 2017.

We have partnered with Hamleys for nearly 10 years and we have invested with them to perfect our offering so it’s not been an overnight success but a gradual process of perfecting what works and noting what doesn’t. We are excited about rolling out to Hamleys fast growing franchises across the globe.

Richard North, CEO

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