My Keepon

Little robot, big personality.

With millions of views on YouTube and thousands of Facebook fans, music videos featuring a research robot called Keepon Pro have created an internet phenomenon and stoked the public's desire for a toy version of the character. Working in conjunction with the scientists at BeatBots who created Keepon Pro, Wow! Stuff is proud to introduce My Keepon.

For where to buy, videos and much more visit the official My Keepon site.

  • My Keepon has two modes, selected with buttons on his "stage."

    Dance mode: My Keepon dances like no other toy! A built-in microphone and state-of-the-art beat detection allows My Keepon to dance in time with the rhythm of clapping, patting, or your music. With an uncanny sense of timing and incredibly fluid movement, My Keepon will have you mesmerized as he grooves to any style.

    Touch mode: My Keepon has an array of invisible sensors underneath his textured skin. Poke, tap, squeeze, or tickle, and My Keepon will react. My Keepon's mood also changes in response to your touch, with emotions ranging from curious, to excited, to sleepy, and everything in between.

    With My Keepon's rich nonverbal "language" and impossibly cute movements, you will love getting to know his personality and making a new best friend.

  • my keepon is over worth it's money it dances just like the videos and makes noises and everything worth the money great toy overall awesome - Valerie (Cheshire)
    This was bought as a family gift this Christmas. I had seen videos posted online & couldn't wait for it to arrive, so much so that it was up & running well before Santa had come to visit.
    We have had this on through most of Christmas with various songs. Although it does respond to all music, we prefer it dancing to something with a good beat, current favourite is Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer". Enjoyed by all ages in the family.
    It does follow your voice when in interaction mode & giggles away when being tickled. Seriously contemplating getting another to have the both of them dance together. - Gemma Helmke